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Sarker Mohammad Toufique


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The best step by step cost per action (cpa) marketing video training course online for newbies and professionals. It does not matter if you are brand new or experienced with cpa marketing. This course will help you quickly learn everything you need to know to make money online with cpa marketing. We are experienced with all the major and smaller cpa networks like peerfly, maxbounty, clickbooth, neverblue, matomy, and adknowledge. We teach you how to make guaranteed money starting today! All of the methods we teach are currently generating us a full time income every day.


After completing the course students will become a certified CPA Marketer and can earn through freelancing. They will become proficient in android Emulator browser extensions Dating sites or Apps.


On completion of the course, students will be able to:

Introduction of CPA.

What is CPA dating Niche or vertical?

Which country are CPA friendly?

What is CPA dating Offers?

What is CPA Network?

What is PPL or CPL, PPS or CPS, PPT or CPT and Revshare

What is SOI and DOI.

What is android Emulator?

What is Dating sites or Apps?

What is Proxy or IP?

Some of best IP providers name.

How to use Proxy?

How to install Android Emulator and settings?

How to setup browser extensions for CPA?

Introduce some best chrome extensions.

Which network are user friendly for CPA (Dating)?

What is Dating Smart Link?

What is Emoji Domain and what is for?

What is landing page?

What is url Shorter?

What is Domain Masking?

What is Kik and Snapchat?

Some of best Ad posting sites.

How to ready and clean your PC catches.


android Emulator

browser extensions

Dating sites or Apps

Our Main Teachers

Hello, I am Sarker Mohammad Toufique, A professional CPA Marketer and Instructor. I am working on this field for 4years and working on online for more than 10 years. Currently I am a Freelancer and CPA Instructor at Voogle Tech Institute. As an instructor I always try to give the proper  knowledge of CPA Marketing.

Price : 12000 ৳

Max Availability : 25