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Course Outline about Graphics Design


Instruction illustrator

Class #01 Introducing illustrator
  1. Using The Welcome Screen
  2. Comparison between Photoshop at illustrator
  3. Introducing Vector Graphics
  4. Introducing illustrator Interface,
Toolbar a setting new document
  1. Object/Shape creation using basic shape and pen tool
  2. Selection Basic
  3. Introducing Fill and Stroke and Applying color
  4. Object Arrangement and working with object grouping, locking and hiding.
  5. Using Undo/Redo, Guide, Grid and Saving
Class #02 Fill, Stroke and Color
  1. An Overview of the Color Palette.
  2. Black vs. Rich Black in the Color Palette.
  3. Working with Swatches (Creating a new Swatches)
  1. Introducing illustrator gradient and applying an object
  2. Using swatches for gradient
  3. Creating and saving new Gradient Swatches.
Transforming Object
  1. Introducing Object Transformations and working with scale, rotate and free transform tool
  2. Duplication Object (Ctrl+F, Ctrl+B, Ctrl+D)
  3. Moving Objects in Increments.
  4. Using the offset path dialogue Box.
Class #03 Using the Powerful Pen Tool
  1. Drawing with the Pen Tool.
  2. Modifying a Path and understanding Open & Close Path
  3. Making Use of the Joint Command.
  4. Modifying and Converting Anchor Points.
  5. Introducing Eraser, Scissors and Knife Tools.
  6. Width, Warp, Twirl, Puker, etc.
  7. Share Tool
  8. Reshape Tool
Class #04 Gradient Mesh
  1. An overview of Gradient Mesh.
Stroke Palette
  1. An overview of stroke and stroke palette.
  2. Explanation of Stroke Cap, Stroke Join
Class #05 Pathfinder Operation
  1. Introducing to the Shape Mode & Pathfinder Operation
  2. Cropping, Uniting & Arranging
  3. Shape Builder Tool
Blends & Masks
  1. Creating Custom Gradients via Blending
  2. Customizing Blends for Specific Shapes
  3. Changing the Shape of Customized Blends
  4. Masking Edge with Clipping Makes
Class # 06 Working with Text
  1. Discussing Type Tool
  2. Explaining Character Palette
  3. Text with paragraph Palette
  4. Type Meno Details
  5. Text Warp
      Class # 07 Brushing with Vector
  1. About Brush Tool
  Symbol Tool Details
  1. Accessing symbol Libraries
  2. Creating a Symbol
  3. Applying Symbol with the Symbol Spray Tools
  4. Modifying Symbol with Symbol Tools
Using Transparency
  1. Overview of Transparency Palette
  2. Blend Mode
  3. Creating an Opacity Mask
  Class8 All Menu Details
  1. File, Edit, Object, Type, Select
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Hi! This is Aashiq & I am an expert graphic designer, Animator & Video Editor with creative and expert thoughts.   I’m having with 7+ years professional working experience with various designing tools and skills required to enhance and beautify your business requirements. I’m having expertise with Logo Design, illustration, Photoshop, Motion Graphics and many […]

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